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How to Pass Exams

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You have moved a big stride when you bought this book.  The thought of buying this book in itself shows your subconscious inner need to excel in exams and in life.

I want to assure you that you have made a move towards the right direction.  This is because the book has helped very many students change their reading habits and the result has been that these students have become academic giants.

The guide is meant to help all candidates come to terms with the examinations with a view to passing them well.  It contains all the tactics involved in exam passing.

The book is the first one of its kind in the local market and is meant to help candidates and students in general to take exams with the surety of passing them definitely.  It deals with all levels of exams and reveals all the tactics a candidate should employ in order to pass exams.  It will give new insights on how to plan your day, how to read and understand, use of discussion groups, active class participation and question answering techniques.

A part from preparing students/ candidates for National and International Exams, the book also helps school and college students pass institutional exams such as the Continous Assessment Test (CATS), End Term Exams, Mid – Year Exams as well as End Year Exams including final exams for those institutions which are not examined externally.

The book deals with the different methods we should apply in answering different questions such as Essay questions.  It also points out the various mistakes that lead to many people failing their exams and comes up with definite solutions that if well applied will lead to definite passing of Exams.

Being small, it is a book that students / candidates should glance at any time during the course of their studies.  It will definitely be of great help to candidates and many who would otherwise have failed will find themselves passing the exams with distinction.

 The book is particularly relevant for all primary school teachers who can use it to advice their students on study habits.  Secondary School, college and University students can use the book on their own.




When you go to school, you are told by your parents and your guardians that, “You go to school and work hard”.  But they don’t tell you how to work hard.

So in the process of students trying to work hard, there are normally many students who overdo it, who over strain the brain and so on.

I remember during the days we were in school about some students who used to read very late into the night.  They would even go to the extent of pouring some cold water in the basin and they dip their legs inside as a way of fighting sleep.

These students, they were definitely working hard, they were putting all the effort, they were genuinely interested in passing their Exams but what they were doing was wrong.

As a student your priority number one is to pass your Exams and your greatest assets to help you achieve that particular goal are the teachers. So if you can overstrain late into the night so that during the day you dose in class, you are not attentive to what you are being told in class by your teachers, then it is wrong.

So it is only fair that you should read and sleep early enough so that during the next day you can be attentive and alert to what you are being told in class by your teachers.

As far as passing of exams is concerned, apart from working hard, you also need to work right.  This book tells you how to work right, how to plan for your studies.




There is something very important that I want to tell you at this very moment.  What I am just about to say is much more important than what I have already said.  What I am just about to tell you right now again, it is much more important than what I will say later after I have said this ONE.

The reason I am saying that this one is the most important is because it will help you to improve in your performance in class.  I want to give you a method right now to use in your class so that you will improve in your performance in class in  three days.

If you are a poor student in your class as at now that I am saying this and you start using this method in your class today,  you will use it today, you will use it tomorrow and on the third day you will be the best in your class.

And if you are a good student already in your class and you also start applying this method today, you will use it today and tomorrow and on the third day even me I cannot predict how you will be.  Probably you will be the best in the country.

But before I give you this method to use in order to improve in your performance in class in three days, first you must be willing to use the method.

It is said that there is nothing impossible to a willing heart.  They say that where there is a will, there is a way.

Are you willing to use the method to improve in your performance in class in three days?  Say yes I am willing.

I gave this method to some in Nairobi in 1993.

Personally I have been involved in conducting research on how to pass exams together with another friend of mine Prof. Luciani for the last 12 years and at one time I had given these methods to students like you at Alliance Girls High School and Alliance Boys High School.

When I gave them the methods, Alliance Girls High School and Alliance Boys High School, they were number one in the National Examination until the Director Starehe Boys Centre Dr. Geoffrey Griffin said, “Mr. Okinda, come at the centre and give our boys the methods.  So I went to Starehe Boys Centre and gave them these methods that I am just about to give you.

In that year Starehe Boys Centre had 206 candidates who sat for the Form Four Exams and out of the 206 candidates they managed to send to University 205.

Many students have been thinking that Starehe has always been leading in the National Exams, no.  They got the best position in the country for the very first time in 1992.

When the Headmistress of one of the schools in Nairobi heard about what we had done in Starehe with Dr. Griffin in 1992 she said Mr. Okinda come to our school also and give our girls the methods so that we may also send them to University in large numbers like Starehe.

So I went to that school in 1993 and this is how I found it.  Since 8.4.4. System of Education was started no

student had ever gotten grade A.  I also found that in the previous year they had become position 13 in the province.  But when I gave them these methods the Headmistress told me that Mr. Okinda, “be coming back to assess, particularly with the Form Fours to see how they are applying the methods.

So I used to go back to asses with the Form Fours and each time I went I was impressed with the way the girls were applying the methods.  They were using them more than I had told them to use and I was sure they were going to improve in their performance.

And one of the Form Fours who spoke on behalf of the others after I had given them the lecture said that “whereas we’ve never gotten grade A in this school before, now that we have been encouraged we are now promising we shall get many A’s.

And she said that, ‘whereas we were position 13 in the province last year, now that we have been encouraged, we are now promising that we want to be number one.

And I said they were position 13 in the province, isn’t it?  Now they say they want to be number one.  Not in the District, not in the Province.  They wanted to become number one where?

Let me tell you one thing.   Whatever can be conceived in the mind, it can be achieved and you can never get what you have not thought of. Because your subconscious mind is made like the negative of a photograph.  Whatever you think about it is imprinted in your subconscious mind and then it is processed and you achieve it is your everyday life.

And that is why I normally like young people like you and particularly those who are good Christians (Muslims, Hindus etc) because if you are a good Christian you will think of positive things only and when you grow up you will become somebody of good character until you grow old.

But old people like us, Eventhough somebody says I am saved, you still find that we do wrong things sometimes because our subconscious mind has already been imprinted with negative thoughts.

So I want you people young as you are to think of good things only.  I want you to think of good grades only as the first step towards getting them as I have said that you can never get what you have not thought of.

For example there is no way I could write this book here to help you if I had not thought of it.  I must first think about it before God comes in to help me.  That he will give me good brains so that if it is His will that I write this book I write it.  That he will give me some small money so that if it is His will that I print the book I will print it.

Between writing this book and other ideas, there are very many things to be done.  Some are much easier.  But because I told God that I was concentrating all the way to come up with this book he enabled me to by pass many other things and I have come up with this one.  Isn’t it?

Likewise between you and grade A there are many other grades on the way and some are much nearer  and you can land in any one of those grades.  So it is until you tell God the grade that you want that He will give you enormous powers to work tirelessly so that you by pass all the other grades and land onto grade ‘A’ Isn’t it?

Are you thinking of good grades now?

I told the students in the school in Nairobi, I told them, ‘think of grade A only, think of grade A only,’ And when the results came they got 19 A’s,  A- 28.

When I was saying that they got 19 A’s what were you thinking, that it was A and A- put together? No.19 were plain A’s with another 28 A-, a total of 47 A’s and that was Precious Blood in Riruta and they got position one in the country in 1993 for the very first time and from nowhere.

It does not matter where you were yesterday.

It does not matter where you are today.

The most important thing for you is where you want to go.

Here is the method I gave Precious Blood to use.  And I gave Alliance, and I gave Ngandu Girls and I gave St. Mary’s in my home.

St. Mary’s Yala, they had never appeared among the top 100 schools but when I gave them this method in 1993 they were number seven in the country.

Are you ready for the method?

And you must start using it in your class today without fail, isn’t it?  And you use it tomorrow and you use it on the third day.  If on the third day you have used it and you have not improved, on the fourth day write a letter to me I will come to your school to assess.  Because this method that I am giving you, it is a success method that never fails.  It is a success method that works for everybody who uses it.

Are you ready for the success method that never fails?  The one that works for everybody who uses it?

 Here it is....For more tips on Passing Exams CLICK HERE to purchase the whole book. Read it, review it, and Recomend to a friend




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