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Youth Inspiration To Success

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   Success does not just happen. It is caused. Follow the 10 proven success steps taught in this book and you will find yourself there at the top. All the successful people use the 10 steps in one way or the other either consciously or without knowing. Success is an art. There are some people born with that art but these are not many. The majority others learn this art from books or through role models - i.e. others they see around them and whom they emulate.

   You may find a village mate who has built a magnificent house and you swear to yourself that 'one day I must also build such a house'. Your mind will go out and work for you under mysterious ways and you will land a house like that one.

   For another man a neighbour may buy a top of the range car and he swears that one day he must buy such a car. Again the mind will work for him and he lands it. This brings us to a definite conclusion that your mind can land you whatever you so desire to have. The mind is limitless. It is like God. It is part and parcel of the operations of the whole universe. Your mind contributes to the rising of the sun in the morning and the setting of the sun in the evening. Nothing under the sun can therefore defeat your mind and least of all - riches. If you take a drop of water from the ocean, it will retain the same characteristics like the ocean water and if God is the ocean, your mind is the drop of water from that ocean and it shares the same characteristics like God.
   Jesus says that 'God created man in his own image and likeness'. Therefore, as you read this book don't fear to see the sky blue. You can acquire whatever you set out to acquire.

   If you can't do it from the Kenyan (or your country's) situation you can still do it in Uganda, South Africa, Botswana or America.

   It is for this reason that I have decided to take this bold step to inform the masses of our people the inherent capabilities they posses.
   In 1993 I realized that many students failed Exams just because they didn't know 'How to pass Exams'. In that year I took a bold step as a lone ranger spearheading the crusade of giving lectures to schools on "How to Pass Exams".

   Many people (read teachers) were skeptical and prophesied doom but to date I am undoubtedly convinced it was worthwhile; why? Any school I give a lecture today has a guarantee that in the year I lecture it MUST perform better than all the previous years. This crusade has enabled performance to improve from the university entry of C+ past B- to B plain now and whereas A's was a pipedream to many schools, it is nowadays a
common reality.

   Another reason for my happiness is that to date many Kenyans are offering the same lectures with great success. After finishing school, however, and passing very well, many Kenyans still find themselves entangled in poverty due to lack of employment or poor pay.
   It is for this reason again that I have decided to take it upon me now to preach the gospel (good news) of riches and success through positive mental attitudes.

   Although it is a first one for ordinary Kenyans, this practice has been prevalent over the years but it is unfortunately reserved for the rich few.

   The charges to attend such lectures has been an upward of Kshs. 50,000 and above and only big companies and chief executives have the means to access such services hence my decision to help the rest.

   As you read this book therefore, be rest assured that it will awaken your spirits and  your innermost  hidden-self and you will move on and on to the hitherto hidden treasure - the place of Gold.

Edward Okinda

November 2010



   The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. The first step does not take you far but the most important thing is that you have started. 

    I know of a place where treasure is buried under a huge tree. This place is far but today I want to send you there. It will be a long journey lasting one year. When you reach there you will have to uproot the big tree first then you'll start digging up the gold. As you wade through the soil, you will be spotting bits and bits of the gold but as you dig dipper the soil surface will disappear and you'll land pure gold. At this time you will have overcome all your difficulties but you must continue digging because the moment you stop digging, the gold extraction will also stop.

    I want to make this journey as enjoyable as possible for you but I must assure you that on the way you will meet obstacles.

   But let me tell you this; challenges can generate electricity. See, it is like water in river Tana. When this water was flowing over the years it didn't achieve much. It just continued flowing everyday.

   But when the government decided to build a Big Wall to stop the water from flowing, the water was challenged. Of course it stopped flowing but the level kept rising until the water by-passed the wall and dropped over to the other side. It dropped with such great force that it was able to generate electricity to light the whole country- hence the Seven Folk Dams!

   If God can give water such great powers in the presence of an obstacle how much more powers will he give you when faced by a problem (read challenge)?

   Which is this challenge that will stop you from continuing with our journey to a place of Gold?

   Just like God commanded the Israelites to go to the promised land overflowing with milk and honey, so He has also inspired me to urge you to go to the place of Gold.

   Majority of the Israelites gave up on the way. Where do you belong? To those who gave up? Certainly not. The courageous ones went on and landed in the Promised Land overflowing with milk and honey. Take the Israeli example and the water example and forge ahead.

   I know of a young man who finished form 4 at age 19 and when his other colleagues stayed at home waiting for manna to drop from heaven, he moved to Nairobi to stay with his uncle. He landed a job as a labourer in a construction site carrying heavy blocks and earning pittance. But his hard work, obedience and determination touched his boss who sponsored him to a local university.

   After completion, he joined the firm but still in the same position as a labourer. The firm hired two other engineers besides this young man. All the interviewees had been asked to come with a valid driving licence. Out of the 400 who applied and out of the 25 who were short-listed, only the three landed the job.

   But when they reported, they were given shovels and wheelbarrows. One refused right away and left. The two continued for one month. The other one engaged top managers in arguments that their level of education and training was beyond manual labour. Are wheelbarrows and shovels the machineries they were asked to bring driving licence for?

   He simply didn't turn up the second month. But the young engineer labourer with a vision stuck to his guns. There is no letting down in this one!'. Another one month went by. The third month-end, he reached the place of gold.

   He was confirmed, given an employment letter, a magnificent office, a house in the up- market Lavington Area and a brand new state of the art Land Cruiser with a salary of Kshs. 350,000 per month. The reasons for the three months manual labour?

    • To understand those he would be supervising.

    • To empathize with them. To empathize is to put yourself in somebody else's shoes.

   A good lesson indeed for idle form 4 leavers and graduates.

               Start somewhere, and on the way have faith and believe you will arrive at the place of Gold. Don't be stubborn. Don't be like the monkey who refused to say 'Amen'.

   The story goes of friendship between the tortoise and the monkey. One day the tortoise visited the monkey and on arrival told him, let's close our eyes and pray. "

    Then the tortoise prayed thus: 

 'May the Lord God save us from trouble that will ripen our teeth. The monkey refused to say Amen and tortoise felt belittled and arranged to teach the monkey a lesson he would never forget.

   He left the monkey's home immediately, went back to his own home, prepared a delicious meal and carried it over to the Leopard's home.

   When the leopard asked where the delicious meal had come from, the tortoise lied that it was the monkey's excrement and that the monkey's excrement is very bitter but he only produces the sweet one after thorough beating – when his teeth has bled and turned red like ripened mangoes.

   The Leopard left at once for the monkey's home and beat him thoroughly anxious for the sweet food.

   The more he beat up the monkey; the excrement became bitterest — until the Leopard gave up and left.

   Immediately the tortoise arrived at the monkey's home and lamented the misfortune that had made his friend's teeth smeared red with blood and he once again told the monkey, 'let's pray'.

   'May God save us from the trouble that will ripen our teeth,' to which the monkey humbly answered, 'Amen'.

   This is a lesson to numerous faithless young men and women who would like to argue negatively. They can give twenty-one reasons why success is impossible and fail even to come up with a single positive reason why success is a must. You can be intelligent yet use it to prove why things are wrong, why thingscan't work, why you can't say Amen.

   After reading this book, think of possibilities only. Be positive. Don't argue into your teeth getting ripened like mangoes. Don't allow yourself to enter into tribulations of 'our family is cursed, we have nothing to eat, we can never succeed, success only belongs to a select few, I am too young to do business, I failed my exams, I have no capital, my parents are poor and I have inherited nothing from them.'

   I hope after this powerful introduction, youhave now accepted the risk to start on thisjourney to the place of Gold.

Chapter 7

How to Make Right Decisions to Riches!

   The kind of decisions you make will determine whether you succeed or not. Not all who surround us are genuine. Some will mislead you for their own selfish interest. So the ability to make the right decision is very essential.

      Sample this:

   There was a rich man who was married to one wife and between them, they had three children. Sometimes later (read marry the second wife). African men are allowed to add.

   Then misfortune after misfortune started following him. First, he lost his eyesight and then he lost his manhood.

   One day, as the man was resting under a huge tree in his compound, a white dove landed on him and told him, I' am being chased by the hawk which wants to eat me so if you hide me and save my life I will restore your eyesight'

    The man was delighted and he quickly put the dove in his coat pocket. In a short while the hawk arrived and told him, I' am dying of hnger and you know what it means to be hungry. If today you give me the dove to eat, as I saw him land on you, I will restore your
   The man went to consult with his elder wife. He told her his dilemma upon which the elder wife answered, "what do you need your manhood for? Save the dove, get your eyesight and see your property and your grown children. Forget about that hawk, let it die. I don't  like hawks.'

   The man now went to consult his younger wife. My husband I love you so much and I would also wish to have children with you. Let the hawk eat the dove and get back your manhood.'

   You see, each woman decides to suit her own interest. Their husband concluded that a wise man must make his own decision and he made his decision.

    He told the hawk to go away and come back later after he makes a decision. With the hawk out of the way and the dove in his pocke the called his servant, gave him  money and sent him to the market to buy a dove.

   When the market dove was brought the man released the dove in his pocket and replaced it with the market one. He thus received his eyesight.

   When the hawk came back the man released the market dove to the hawk and he got back his manhood".

   All your decisions must be carefully thought out and must be in line with your vision. In all life's situations ask yourself; if I do this will it help me reach where I am going? Then obey the answer.

   Always make decisions that leave your Conscience clear and focused. Trust your first feeling when making a decision.

   This first feeling is called intuition or the sixth sense. Everybody has it. For some people it is more developed than others. Develop yours and it will always never let you down.

                          Sample these;

   I would like to set up my own business but I don't have capital. This is defeatist. Where does the capital come from before you start? Start from scratch. Make that decision now and you will never regret.

   If you can learn to make profit from little, you will know how to control your money and you will go very far. It is not the capital. It is the vision. I know of many friends whose parents were rich but they made wrong decisions that led to the squandering of all their possessions. I believe most of them were misled. Immediately the parents died, they sold the houses and buses and squandered everything.

   The vision you have, the decisions you make and the actions you take will either lead you to success or to failure. Right decisions go hand in hand with positive attitudes. Right attitude is the answer. As you see yourself in the heart of your thoughts - in your mind's eye - so you do become. What you see in your mind's eye is what you get.

   A Commission has been set in Kenya by President Kibaki to look into the issue of equality. It is called Equality Commission. This is a non-starter. Equality does not exist. There is no way people can be equal.

   Some people must be better off than others. The only equality I recognize is that each one of us has an equal chance to move ahead and be better than others.

   And for one to move ahead and be better than others, one must have the right attitude and make right decisions. Attitude is the answer, not talent or education, background or profession. All careers areokay and it is the person himself who will succeed or fail, not a profession or a career. Across the different professions, we have both successful and unsuccessful members. Your attitude towards your potential is either the key or the lock on the door of your success. And remember; Truth, Honesty and Integrity must be present in any real and lasting success of a............. .for more Inspirational Tips, Success Tips and African Traditional illustrations CLICK HERE to purchase the whole book. Read it, review it,  rate it and recommend it to a friend

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