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Guidelines to Successful Teaching and Headship in Schools and Colleges

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Guidelines to Successful Teaching and Headship in Schools and Colleges is a book designed to motivate teachers and head teachers to do their work a lot better and better work means more promotions, more money, more prestige and more happiness.

The book critically examines the problems faced by those in the teaching profession and offers solutions that is properly applied will lead to much better results in the type of people our learning institutions produce. It encourages teachers to have more interest in their work. The one quality you must have to assure success in any type of work is a high degree of interest in your work. Actually, not just interest, you must be enthusiastic. So much interested to the point of being obsessed with it.

As teachers we have the responsibility of moulding a young person into a mature responsible member of the society. This responsibility is bestowed on us not just by the government but by God as well. We are the trusted custodians of the young souls or the young trees of the future forest. We must therefore carry out this responsibility with diligence.


The book successfully relates the teacher to his head and points out a path of co-operation that will create harmony in the day to day running of schools rather than contradiction that has hit most of our learning institutions and led to the decline of educational standards.

The book advices head to be leaders rather than bosses. Itpoints out qualities of a good leader. The head should begin by building dreams of a school that wants to produce the best results. He must point to the Promised Land, overflowing with milk and honey. He should lead his associates to that land. A school head must be out in front with a banner not walking behind with a whip. Leaders should shake off dictatorial tendencies. A good head must not have subordinates, he should have associates. Nobody works for a good head but he works with his associates toward a common goal. A head will get a lot more and better cooperation if heactually allows teachers to participate, to some extent, in decisions and planning that will call for their cooperation.

The book explores the possibility of a better cooperation between teachers and the school head; between teachers and students; between the head and the students. at home.


It looks at students as the vocal point from which all our actions spring. We must view our students with the dignity and respect that they deserve. We should treat them as we treat our own children The book encourages both school heads and teachers to seek ideas from others for the betterment of teaching standards. We in ourselves are not whole. We must interrelate. We must learn from others.

The book promises you success if you apply the methods that it has offered in its chapters ahead. Read on and succeed in your work.

E. Okinda. W. Owuor


Role of School

The School is basically supposed to nurture students in mind and body up to a standard that they can be handed over for further training. Someone who has the ability to absorb certain skills. Good citizens. Good people for themselves. People who can benefit their homes. In short people who can benefit their country.

Head's role

To see overall administration of the school. This includes the welfare of students, teachers and the subordinate staff. The head should ensure that each section works. A school is like a human body. If one part doesn't work well the other parts will fail as well. The School..

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