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Tranzoia East

Youth Inspiration to Success
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Youth Inspiration to Success

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Your thoughts and experiences shared in the book.
It is an excellent piece that all youthful and aspiring entrepreneurs must read. Unlike similar Western titles, yours is one that the African of today will relate to perfectly - for it is a book that talk about our local circumstances and challenges, and rising above them. Your story, of your humble beginnings to reaching gold mixed with soil, was very encouraging and thought-provoking in an up-lifting way – a true testimony to the teachings of the book and proof that one need not be born on a silver spoon in order to accumulate great wealth.

Customer Reviews:

Aishah  (Tuesday, 28 June 2011)
Rating: 5
Oh maih! i honestly can't put a price for this piece it's value is more than any other on the shelves. It openly touched on issue around us in our day
to day life and i wish it would have been given a priority consideration by the government at the youth ministry for every youth to have a copy.
Thumbs up to the Author, looking forward to reading more from you

peter  (Tuesday, 28 June 2011)
Rating: 5
it picked me from my dark moments as a youth to the land of opportunities that i have never imagined. Thanks and thanks a lot Mr. Okinda for your well
narrated ideas

kima  (Monday, 27 June 2011)
Rating: 4
the book inspired me a lot, the content inside it is so applicable and talk of real life situations at the same time interesting to read

Allen Campbell  (Wednesday, 22 June 2011)
Rating: 4
Wow! just look at the illustration!! Neva seen anything like this before! The book more than inspires. I'm inspired, I'm inspired, I'm inspired.
Excellent Mr. Okinda! congratulations for helping the youth. Your book is a masterpiece. I'll encourage all my friends to read it. I've now read it
three times and I'm reading it again.

akoo  (Thursday, 02 June 2011)
Rating: 5
It is the most interesting book ever written to inspire the youth. i can say with confidence that no one taught like this man. on reading the book i
came across the most interesting illustration on earth that can only be comparable to Jesus, teachings on parables. more unique is that the rural set
up that are deeply rooted in the African rich story telling heritage. African readers will be mesmerized by the African Folk tales that are used to
illustrate the inspirational content of the text and will yearn for more and more and more. rn Anold James Kwiri PHD


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