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Testimony About The Lecture


Your lecture was very interesting and educative. I wondered very much about the  miracle you performed in our school  and may I tell you that our boys nicknamed you “JESUS”. Some of them thought you were using magic. But as the time went they realized that  you are talented, and overall given good brains. The miracle of improving in performance in three days was somehow interesting , wonderful and above all creative. Lastly may I thank you for your devotion. I have nothing to give you than to ask our Lord to give you long life.

Benson Thuranira
Kaaga Boys High School

To start with let me take this golden opportunity to  send you my hearty  congratulations for the lecture you gave us. In fact I was not believing my ears of the things I heard from you. It is a high time I let you know my feelings. We as students of CHEBORGE as a whole ,members of staff, subordinate staff, the community, our parents, B.O.G., P.T.A. -  members and I myself, we send you a word of congratulations, a big thanks for your very wonderful and beneficial lecture. After your lecture I have been improving steadily in my performance to position five last term.


Kipkorir John Sigei

Cheborge Sec.School

In fact if I may say your lecture was worth more than clap’s appreciation. I therefore on behalf  of the entire GIAKANJA BOYS community dedicate my thanks to you for  your free lecture. Your lecture contributed positively to our studies and I in particular it was my best lecture. I am forced to say this as I observed from other students who subjected your lecture into a TEAM TOPIC of pride.

Gachoki Alex Paul
Giakanja Boys High  School

I would like to inform you  that I am a Form two student in Mary Hill School and that  I was  very pleased  with your good advice on how  to study well and pass exams you gave us when you came to our school. It was a very big achievement to me because I managed to improve from position 33 to position one.

Catherine Sitawa  Wanyama
Mary Hill High School

Having attended your lecture on ” How To Pass Exams” I have  practical experience on the merit from such lectures.

Syprian M. Muoki
Principal, Miu High School

I wish on behalf of the school to register my deep appreciation for the wonderful  lecture given to our school by Mr.Okinda.

Mr. Okinda was well  organized and had deep insight in the subject  and the boys benefited considerably from his experience.

Mr. Kaaria P.T.E.
Principal  Chogoria Boys High  School

Allow me to first of all thank you most sincerely, on behalf of the school administration for the good lecture that you delivered to our students and teachers. We have found the lecture very helpful and our students are trying their best  to put it into practice. Thank you very much.

Mr. Kinyua
Nguvia Girls high School

We wish to thank you sincerely for giving such a moving and educative lecture to our students. The  lecture has already started taking effect on our students. They are more inquisitive in class now than before. We in Guiding and Counselling  Department greatly appreciated  the way you stressed various issues that  we have been highlighting to our students. God bless you.

Mrs. M.Muriuki
Head of Guidance and Counselling
Moi High School Mbiruri

This is to thank you for your stimulating and motivating talk that you gave to our students. You have really sensitized them and they are now charged. We do hope to reap great benefits from this talk.

Thank you  once more. I hope each year you will come around.

Miss Waweru .
Principal –Nga’andu Girls High School

You proved to us that rumour and our own imagination did not lie to us because your lecture was not only very educating, stimulating and Inspiring but also most tantalizing and hope and light giving. They are more than words can say.  All who were present bear you testimony to that effect, some of them are such good  preachers of your gospel  that  they make those who were not present feel that they missed the man of the year. You have become a household name in Kamama. The boys have responded to your secret  which works miracles  in three days to such a magnitude that the staff is impressed. You will hear even the most pessimistic among them ay, ”this Okinda who has touched the heart of stone in our boys must have a special talent.”

We profess that it is not just talent but an Inspiration, a selfless concern  for the Youth and a heart plus above all brains. You have a future Mr. Okinda  and I hope God will reward you Mightly for your work.

Prudence Mugira - Teacher
Kamama High School
Mister Okinda , the man of wisdom
He gives stimulating and successful lectures to us students
In Schools, Colleges and universities.
Thanks to Mr. Okinda a man from God.
He travels all over Kenya
Across the Rivers, up the Hills and down the Valleys
To make sure he lectures to all students
Congratulations Mr. Okinda,  a man from  God
Thank you a lot Mr. Okinda
For you are mindful of  us students
And really care for our future
Bravo, excellent, Mr. Okinda, a man from God
Congratulations for your visit to Dry’s Girls
Especially from the Form Fours and our teachers
Because  you came at the right time.
Thanks Mr.Okinda, a man of  wisdom and a man from God.
He has helped to coordinate the writing of some books
Maths, Biology, physics and many others
He has himself  written several books C.R.E, English and books on Guidance  and Counseling .
He sells them at a cheaper  price compared  to many books in Kenya
Mister  Okinda, I congratulate you for all this, a man from God.
May God help you and bless you too.
Joyce Jemutai Tunoi
Dry's Girls High School.

I wish to register my deep  appreciation for the good   advice and knowledge I personally gained from your   lecture to the college. Indeed it was timely and if anything we can rightly say  that  we are  now closer to passing our Exams than before.

Julius A. Nyaramba
Tambach Teachers college

“…………………….I am seeing wonders  and hoping to see much more as time goes by……

Sammy mwangi
Kimilili Boys High School

…… it was a wonderful visit because we have never received a visitor  like you before. Receive greeting, thanks and congratulations from Form II class because they have improved tremendously through your advice.

Monica chelangat
Moi  Eldolet   girls
…………. I am happy to inform you that your words  touched my heart  and surely they have changed  my heart so much.

Janet Onyango
Asumbi Girls High

Recently I was thrilled to come across the copy  of your “Student Termly ” Magazine on the streets. Our Teachers and students really enjoyed your lecture, which was quite practical, they keep quoting you.

So far I have seen only two issues of your esteemed papers no.001 and 002. I don’t know whether you have produced others since it is supposedly termly.

I am interested in your work , and I think you are doing much more  than teachers in promoting Education  in this country.

Sammy Mule Katondu
Mwala mixed

I thank you very much for the lecture you gave us. I can see it helping me and most of my classmates, and I was surprised to see even the most dormant and gloomy students in class participate, anyway I was delighted and may God keep on guiding you as you keep on researching for ways to ease our studies.


I have received over 100,000 letters of appreciation for this lecture contained in this book  that you are just about to read. I therefore do not consider this just as a lecture but a Ministry given to me by God  to Pass this message of hope to His children. God continue using me like a vessel  through which Thy message is passed on to Thy children.

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