Online Webinar on How to Pass Exams by E. Okinda


The World Link Press Publishers presents Edward Okinda, the leading exam passing technician on Earth through his book ‘How to Pass Exams’ to help retain on course all school going students by teaching them on the best study habits. This will help them keep focus. The lectures will guarantee passing of exams at all levels and will also give permanent inspiration for future success in all undertakings. The one hour webinar lecture costs 100 shillings and is held every Tuesday from 11.00am. This is a must attend for all upper primary, secondary, tertiary and university students using mobile phones or laptops. Once you purchase this service a password for the meeting will be sent to your email, the password is not shareable and only attached to one email.


Edward Okinda also teaches the youth on how to make money through his book' ' Youth Inspiration To Success'. Most importantly he teaches Wealth Creation. Money made does not and will never make anyone wealthy. He therefore teaches on the five laws of money and six cures for poverty through his book, ' Pocket Facts For Wealth Creation,' because money is reserved for those who know its laws and abides by them. You'll be notified of the other two lectures in due course.


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