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 “ HOW TO PASS EXAMS” is mean't to help all candidates come to terms with the examination with a view to passing them well. Its author, Mr.E. Okinda, has a wide  range of experience as a teacher-cum-Publisher and understands very well the difficulties candidates face during Exams. He has therefore solved the problem in this volume and many students have confessed of him, ’It is not only his teaching that  made us pass this  paper very well  but it was mainly his specialized advice that gave us the confidence with which to face the exams.’   Mr. Okinda has written several other books and has given very stimulating and successful lectures on how to pass exams to some leading schools in Kenya. Some of these schools include: Alliance Boys, Alliance Girls, Precious blood-Riruta, Limuru Girls, Butere Girls, Cardinal Otunga-Mosocho, Lenana school, Moi Forces Academy, Mangu High School, St. Mary’sYala, St. Mary’s Kibabi, Loreto  Convent - Limuru, Mary Hill , Kenya Technical Teachers College, Mosoriot Teachers College, only to mention but a few...READ ONLINE FREE OF CHARGE



Youth Inspiration to success within one year will spur the youth to actions that  will lead to their well being – success. I have always intimated that  if all the  American Dollars are brought here and distributed  to all our youth and our little money  taken there the same dollar will return to America  within one year and our youth would still be a poor lot. Riches and success is not all about money but ideas. It is the ideas  and attitudes  we have that bring about success.
Within the twenty  years  or more I have interacted with  the youth I have come to a conclusion that they lack proper  ideas and attitudes that can propel  them to instant riches and success.
It is for this reason that I have written this book. If read and its contents acted upon will result in successful living among our youth and the American dollar will not find its way back. It will reside amongst us forever... READ ONLINE FREE OF CHARGE



Mister Okinda , the man of wisdom
He gives stimulating and successful lectures to us students
In Schools, Colleges and universities.
Thanks to Mr. Okinda a man from God.
He travels all over Kenya
Across the Rivers, up the Hills and down the Valleys
To make sure he lectures to all students
Congratulations Mr. Okinda,  a man from  God
Thank you a lot Mr. Okinda
For you are mindful of  us students
And really care for our future
Bravo, excellent, Mr. Okinda, a man from God
Congratulations for your visit to Dry’s Girls
Especially from the Form Fours and our teachers
Because  you came at the right time.
Thanks Mr.Okinda, a man of  wisdom and a man from God.
He has helped to coordinate the writing of some books
Maths, Biology, physics and many others
He has himself  written several books C.R.E, English and books on Guidance  and Counseling .
He sells them at a cheaper  price compared  to many books in Kenya
Mister  Okinda, I congratulate you for all this, a man from God.
May God help you and bless you too.
Joyce Jemutai Tunoi
Dry's Girls High School.

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