Guidlines to Successful Teaching and Headship in Schools and Colleges




Some schools perform well while others perform poorly. If a headteacher is transferred from school that has been performing well and replaced by a relatively uncommitted head the results will drop drastically.

This also applies to a committed teacher who on leaving a school the performance in his subject drop.

Wherever these committed heads and teachers go, results improve. This is a clear indication that good performance does not just happen. It is caused by good headship and good teaching. This is what this book talks about so that all heads and teachers can use these success methods to produce similar good results. The authors of this book are successful senior teachers and heads.

Mr. Walter Owuor raised Onjiko High School from a relatively local characteristic to a National outlook especially in its performance in exams and the general discipline. He was Deputy Principal at St. Mary’s Yala and has been Head at Ringa, Maranda besides Onjiko.

Mr. Okinda, the Regional Director of Worldlink Press Publishers, the Kenyan Chapter, has been a teacher of great standing and distinction now turned a roving lecturer. Gain from their experience.


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