Pocket Facts For Wealth Creation




Pockets Facts For Wealth Creation is a book that guarantees the reader retention of money in their pockets forever. It is a book that if the contents are abided by will make one bid bye bye to poverty and welcome wealth and prosperity in their lives at once.

The book is a Divine Revelation that exposes natural money saving tips that work miracles to fill our pockets with wealth that will stick with us and never slip from our grasp.

It teaches you unique money saving techniques that you have never known before such as saving part of what you earn and how the saved money will work to your advantage and multiply even as the flocks in the fields. It highlights the six cures for poverty and the five laws of money so explicitly and in such a simple manner that the reader will be shocked why they didn’t apply these before. But now it is here with us, we start today and none will ever regret reading this book and applying its teachings in our lives.


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