Discipline for Successful Education




This book is based on proven practical success methods that work. The authors are experienced in youth counselling and guidance .

Mr. Walter Ogoto Owuor is a successful senior headmaster having been in the Post for the last twelve years. He therefore understands very well reasons that act against the youth in their zeal for successful mind in education. He has packed his experiences here for you to help you succeed in your Education and Life.

His co-author. Mr. E. Okiuda. who was also his student at St. Marys School – Yala is an experienced author in this area of guidance and counselling having authored another success book titled. ‘Guide on how to pass Exams . ‘

Curretly Mr. Okinda is an editor with Woridlink Press Publishers ‘ Kenya Chapter ‘ in Nairobi.

Also available: Youth Inspiration To Success by E. Okinda
Guidelines to Successful Teaching in Schools & Colleges
By E. Okinda, W. Owuor


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